Bernhard Kegel

Novelist, science writer, and biologist, in residence April through June, 2013 and September through December 2015.

               Ein Tiefer FallBuchumschlag
               Sexy SonsBuchumschlag
               Sexy SonsBuchumschlag Wenzels PilzBuchumschlag Das Ölschieferskelett
Bernhard Kegel has been hanging out with the biologists and geologists at Bremen’s Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT), acquiring background information and inspiration for a new novel. In January 2013, he accompanied his new colleagues to a field research station in Jordan, and in April he accompanied ZMT scientists on a research cruise in the Galapagos Islands. He took up residence as a Fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg from April to June of 2013, and began outlining plans for the new book, while continuing his research with colleagues at ZMT. During his time as a Fellow, he incited debate amoung FMS members and the HWK’s interdisciplinary community of scientists and scholars, with his lecture “To become a storyteller of science you have to be a scientist first – and then forget about it.” He also joined local scientists and scholars to read from and discuss his last novel, Tiefer Fall, for the Delmenhorst, Bremen, and Bremerhaven public.